libpruio continued: installing Debian

[ instructions | eMMC flasher direct download ]

[ wpa2 enterprise ]

Image used: BBB-eMMC-flasher-debian-7.8-console-armhf-2015-02-19-2gb

Putting this on the SD card took some time (~10 minutes). I held down boot, powered the BBB with the 5V/1A supply connected to the USB port, and waited for the trickle flash pattern. Surprisingly, it only took a few minutes to get to four solid LEDs!

I first tried directly going to the Cloud9 page but alas, I guess that’s not a part of this image:


This did work on my last debian. I hope I am not messing something up.

Next resort was to go with [ PuTTy ], as I am on a Windows computer.


And lolwut


This was followed by the usual process for logging into the network, and then apt-get update and apt-get upgrade.

Upgrade failed somewhere. Ran again. Nothing to upgrade…

Proceeding to our new Edimax wi-fi adapter’s drivers!

[ tutorial ] and key steps:

$ lsusb


Anyway, this was followed by unsuccessful attempts on getting wifi up and running. My dongle is lit up, but  that’s all. Haven’t been able to get nmcli and /sbin/iw to work just yet.

Next was the most important thing for today, checking if the PRU package shows up:


[ E: can’t locate package ]

Well, in that case. GitHub?

[ element14 assembler ]

But first, I decided to resolve the wi-fi problem using the GUI route. I remembered using startlxde on R-Pi, and it turns out that Debian has startx to do that too. But my image didn’t come by startx, so I had to apt-get it (that is, apt-get xinit)


The workaround was to remove the lock on the archives.

Solution ]:

If you encounter with the same error, do the following steps.

Run the following command to unlock the apt package managers.

# rm /var/cache/apt/archives/lock

Now update the sources list using command:

# apt-get update

I wonder if there was a good reason for having the lock in the first place. Now apt-get was able to find the PRU package!



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