A sneak-peak at BeagleBoard xM

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The SD card does have content on it, but nothing comes up in my /dev.tty* list that I can screen to. There needs to be another way of sneaking to see what (if anything) is going on during the boot.

I did not break this adapter, just pulled a bit (too much?) on an already falling-apart case to see what was inside!


Dr Yoder’s class uses BBB!

[ Category: ECE497 ] <– its Mark Yoder again! DSP First!

[ class topics ]: now is a great time to take this class. Quite a few things sound familiar 🙂

[ Priyank Patel on DSP ]

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 1.00.47 PM

Now, adding a DSP to a bone seems funny when there was another board supporting just that!

The original Beagle and the xM has both an ARM and a DSP, you could choose to focus on either.

I decided to focus on Linux running on the ARM since the Bones don’t have a DSP.

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Laying out a board in an hour? Nope.

Today’s goal was to have the Uno/c5515 ezDSP adapter’s schematic done, laid out, and milled. I resorted to using Eagle’s auto-router, and got very thin traces. Went in changed the thicknesses, and moving the traces around to organize space better. No milling today – so the plan is to modify the schematic again and add support for SPI / UART (through level shifters) and SAR-ADC inputs (precisions resistors for voltage dividers!)

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 10.54.05 PM

Conductive ink, electrochemistry and Cu…vias!

James’ chemistry setup on the roof! The left container has de-ionized water, and the right one had Cu plates suspended (electrochemistry 101!)

Looking at the copper plated vias under a microscope. The point is to fill in Cu along the cylindrical drill holes’ surface, so both sides of the board can be in contact. The conducting ink helps get the Cu deposits targeted.

This is what the whole board looks like. Pink, with interesting deposits / patterns:

No plating on the edge of the Cu sheet, because it wasn’t completely immersed in the bath!

Ordering parts

Tsz and I are putting together a little bill of materials (for our CircuitCo audio cape mod!)

It turns out that we need to watch out for the pad sizes, obsolete parts, and parts that can actually be ordered in quantities less than 10000!

Also, looks like it would take James 6 hours to get our board done! Plating and vias…wooo!