This far: arduino coding on BBB

Downloaded Sudar’s [ makefile ]:

wget –no-check-certificate linkHere

[ source ]

installed dependencies (and unzip), glanced over the huge makefile, and decided to go with [ todbot ]’s smaller solution instead. [ mv‘d ] in around a bit.

Got the tarball. It was huge! I just wanted a makefile, and got a ton of libraries. So, I went ahead and removed my last arduino-core directory [ find helped]

rm -rf nameOfDirectory

(would that even save space? <– probably naive in retrospect?) Did a [ memory check ].

Struggled with exporting todbot’s configuration variables to the environment. Also, “.” stands for “source”, so this is not a typo:

. /usr/local/avr/arduino-setup

This could be enveloped between some set commands, not sure if a good idea:

set -a

. /usr/local/avr/arduino-setup set +a

Check with:

export -p

But this is not needed, if I follow todbot’s [ suggestion ] without deleting the extra space:

echo “. /usr/local/avr/arduino-setup” >> ~/.profile

Well, hitting about randomly at this problem isn’t working out, just like it never does.

Also updated arduino directory to 1.0.5 following [ WARP ]. Still same object file missing. Its interesting that the “arduino” in the directory is just a symbolic link to the arduino-1.0.5 directory!

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 7.42.57 PM


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