BBB Arduino: initial digging

[ BBB <–> arduino shields ] Thanks to Mathias and Timbo:

Debian on Beagle | Arduino Uno will appear as device /dev/ttyACM0 | open as ordinary serial port and transfer data to/from the Arduino as you would on a PC |  can run Arduino IDE | permission to access the serial devices, eg:

$ sudo usermod -a -G tty tim
$ sudo usermod -a -G dialout tim

other types of Arduino | UARTs via the P8 or P9 connectors | level converter.

There are lots of people doing this kind of thing with the Raspberry Pi, so you might find more information searching for Arduino + Raspberry Pi.
[ Arduino <–USB–> R-Pi with C/C++ ] by NicoHood. No python!
Have to set this up next, and make a poincare plot of RRintervals.

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