BBBlack: Hello World LED flash

This is probably the fifth LED flash of this semester. mBed, R-Pi, Arduino Uno, ezDSP C5515, and now BBBlack. I also borrowed an Edison and we can get to some LEDs coming out of that next? No…enough platforms for now. FPGAs should be coming next anyway!

Fun fact: the curious address only responds *after* BBBlack’s drivers have been installed. Ha. I liked assigning R-Pi’s IP myself, lets try it on this as well.

I’m really happy about using USB and not the ethernet cord at this moment.


JavaScript now. Wow. Python, C, and now JS. Perhaps I should also start going through Khan Academy’s lessons…

Anyway, Cloud9 looks very interesting! mBed’s cloud based IDE shows up in a new form…


And the LED is flashing alright. I’m just a bit terrified about going from this LED flashing to programming a C5515 through this same board. Well.


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