Setting up C5515 ezDsp

[ c5000 teaching ROM ] [ c5000 wiki ]

[ Spectrum Digital ] [ Quickstart guide | another ]

[ EECS 452 labs and documentation ]

[ Ti forum: drivers ] [ JTAG emulators ]

The drivers are needed to communicate with the on-board XDS100 emulator, an FTDI USB to JTAG chip. The file names of those drivers are  ftdibus.sys,  ftbusui.dll,  ftd2xx.dll,  FTLang.dll

First, I only checked all of the muticore processors, and de-selected everything on the next screen except for XDS100 (which couldn’t be unchecked.) That turned out to be an awful idea, as I couldn’t detect anything when I started working on Lab 1.

CCS_C55x_BlinkyOne day goes by…

Re-installed Code-Composer Studio v6 (installation gets faster with each re-install…seems like you don’t need to uninstall…)


XDS100The ‘Spectrum’ options seems to be the key here!



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