Blowing ESD diodes for photos…

wrist strap ] [ myths ] [ 3D printed smd picker ]

To do: 3D print a mini-tray/case to hold onto these codecs!

I couldn’t hold back on not taking this 3101 codec out of its tape reel! I do not have an ESD mat, nor an ESD wrist strap, so I took off my socks, plugged in my laptop to the supply, and made sure I was touching the laptop and the floor at all times. There’s one flaw here, the package itself is NOT touching the ground…so rubbing it against a print out of the breakout board doesn’t seem like a great idea in retrospect. Besides, I oriented Pin 1 wrong as well!20150206-105605.jpg

Here’s a size comparison on how small the 3101 is.20150206-105641.jpg

Holding the chip with scissors. This should have grounded the package, assuming that my scissor’s blade is conductive. I still have a bad feeling about this. Maybe we should invest in mats, wrist straps, 20150206-105711.jpg


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