Journaling and blogging

News update: BeagleBone Black ordered today!

This post is about journaling! So, some more outtakes from yesterday’s visit to our professor’s office:

How are research journals and blogs (like this one) different?

Blogging is something that happens ‘after the fact’, its like a nice log of (somewhat) well formed ideas…whereas a hand-written journal is raw. RAW-research.

  • sketches are made
  • sections are crossed out
  • pen colors change
  • deviations are well recorded

Some more differences:

  • Blogs are easily searchable, journal pages can be numbered and indexed
  • Blogs can be accessed anywhere there’s internet. Journals can still be kept and worked with, internet or not.
  • Blogs can feature dynamic links. The worst possible case with a journal would be to print a QR code. I am not doing that, as I can always reference this blog there.

So, I have gotten a new journal. And its been setup already!

Eponine Cover


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