Lock outs + Wav player

[ R-Pi remote access ] [ known_hosts ]
[ nano ] [ cd ]
[ password recovery ] username@

$ ssh-keygen -R remote-server-name-here

I updated R-Pi’s password, tried SSH’ing in again, and couldn’t log in! After some searching around for a solution, it seemed like re-writing the SD card’s OS was the simplest fix, and after doing it, I realized why my new password hadn’t worked…

I had not been using ‘pi’ as my username! I was thinking that prefixing ‘pi’ to @IP.ad.dr.es was just to give a nickname to R-Pi on the remote connection, but no, it was the username. Well, now I have a fresh raspbian running again, and I am not going to go ahead and generate a new RSA key again, just yet.

Updated the date/time too, as previous screenshots were getting a December date:

[ date ] sudo date -s “Jan 17 2015 17:02”

Next, [ SFTP ]’d a wav file onto the pi, and used this code from [ StackExchangexxmbabanexx ] to play it:

import pygame
while pygame.mixer.music.get_busy() == True:

The default volumes on the pi seem to be low.

The next step was to reverse this path and use the audio jack as mic input, but as of now, it seems like R-Pi does not have an [ ADC ] on it, so this might not work.


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