Searching for reference designs

[ DSP based digital audio player ] [ SourceForge ]

On looking for audio-related designs using DSPs, we came across the dspdap. I was thinking about building this through as a “dry run”, and then…

“If this was a senior design project, we could just improve on an existing implementation, but as you’re entering this into TI’s innovation challenge, you can’t just say you found an open source design, and added a pin here…”

“If you’re asking me if this is a good idea…”

“Remember, we’re making this to get DSPs to the maker community, so that some high schooler with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi can play with audio”

Well, that probably means that just ordering this PCB for SMT soldering practice might not be a great idea. Looking at the circuits might still be useful. And there’s a C55x on it – yippee!

This is what the DSPdap looks like. Lots of bypass capacitors on this.

source ]

Besides, here’s a block diagram:

[ source ]

Another interesting snippet from the website:

I’m a DSP engineer. Can I use DSPdap hardware for testing my algorithms in real-time in the real world?

Yes you can. DSPdap has a Line-in and Line-out interface. You could feed in audio signals, process them using your algorithm and get the results on the Line-out (i.e. headphones) port. However real-time debugging would not be possible. If you need real-time debugging then you should use DSP starter kits from Texas Instruments, Analog Devices or Freescale.


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