Kick-off meeting

Fred and George exchanged worried glances.

“I can’t think of anything,” said George.

“Neither can I,” said Fred. “Sorry.”

Harry stared at them.

And then Harry began to explain how you went about thinking of things.

It had been known to take longer than two seconds, said Harry.

You never called any question impossible, said Harry, until you had taken an actual clock and thought about it for five minutes, by the motion of the minute hand. Not five minutes metaphorically, five minutes by a physical clock.

And furthermore, Harry said, his voice emphatic and his right hand thumping hard on the floor, you did not start out immediately looking for solutions.

[ from HPMOR Ch. 25 ]

We’ve started our first week with exploratory assignments for the entire team. We’ll be spending this time to learn more about audio systems, and just exploring the ‘tool-space’, before we start defining our audio system, and we want it to be able to do. Taking our inspiration from Harry Potter James Evans Verres, just thinking about the design problem might give us more ideas about what all we want our audio shield to do.

Our plan is to have our meetings in the Beck room at the library, because its the best! Today, we had two microphones setup and connected to an MBox Pro interface, ProTools was up, and music was playing on the cool monitors in the background. And its interesting that our project is, in a way, just about moving this entire mic / interface / ProTools systems onto an audio shield for a microcontroller / computer. That would definitely compromise some audio quality, but how much can quality can we still guarantee? That’s our design challenge!

Exciting days are ahead.

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